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Stock Option Exchange Programs - Issues to Consider. an increasing number of underwater stock options. as to option repricing is considered to.

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Falling share prices have left many option holders—both senior management and rank-and-file employees—with severely underwater options.WITH THE RECENT downturn in the stock markets, many public corporations are facing the uncomfortable circumstance.I examine the characteristics of firms choosing to respond to underwater employee stock options using one of three stock option-based responses.An underwater stock option results mostly due to circumstances beyond the control of the employer.Fortunately, for underwater options, accelerating the vesting period generally does not.Companies that have found themselves with seriously underwater stock options have. which erodes shareholder support for stock options.

Underwater Stock Options and Repricing Strategy 185 pricing that are still viable today.Radford Shareholder-Approved Underwater Option Exchange Programs 1 The shareholder approval requirement has encouraged the evolution of more balanced repricing.VMware offered employees a 1-to-1 exchange for underwater stock options.FAQ Full Answer Request Form:. with underwater stock options has substantially.Alternative Repricing Approaches Over the past year several of our clients have considered repricing their underwater stock options and we have participated in at.When Your Stock Options Are Underwater. plans that often end up repricing underwater options to restore. never owned employee stock options,.On the decision to reprice stock options: almost never Dan R.Owners of company stock reap no monetary benefit from repricing of options, advocates say — only.Stock option repricing and exchange programs should be considered in. program, underwater stock options are cancelled and replaced with.

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Google is offering employees the opportunity to exchange underwater stock options for newly priced options due to the stock price having been hammered.Now may be the time to take action if you want to address the lost incentive value of underwater stock options.We examine whether repricing underwater stock options reduces executive and overall employee turnover using a sample of firms that reprice stock options in 1998.Many companies that have traditionally relied on stock options to attract, retain and incentivize employees are now finding themselves wondering how to deal with.Asking shareholders to OK repricing plans is a trend that is something more than a trickle, if not yet a wave.When Your Stock Options Are Underwater. employee stock option plans not. plans that often end up repricing underwater options to restore.The Effect of Executive Option Repricing on Managerial Risk-Taking. The Effect of Executive Option Repricing on.In this paper we address the question, does reducing the risk on the manager, by repricing her out-of-the-money stock options, reduce firm risk We test this.

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Many companies are repricing underwater stock options in an effort to retain talent.

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An underwater option may be either a call or put option. Learn more about stock options, including some basic terminology and the source of profits. Term.A leading consultant give the straight scoop on how HR should handle underwater stock options.An options exchange is an alternative to repricing underwater stock options.Managerial risk-taking incentives and executive stock option repricing:.Repricing options is a process of canceling existing outstanding options and reissuing new options at a lower strike price.

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Underwater option means call option granted to management that is now way out-of-the-money.Employees holding underwater stock options would actu-. ued stock option grants, repricing has become costly for companies since a ruling enacted in March 2000 by the.Surviving Stock Option Repricing Law360, New York (March 04, 2009).As the result of these declines, employees of these companies may now hold stock options that are.The article talks about the repricing and the backdating of stock options, the two techniques that corporations use to enhance management pay packages.

The Timing of Option Repricing Abstract We investigate whether CEOs systematically manage the timing of the stock option repricing to coincide with favorable.Stock Option Repricing and its Alternatives: An Empirical. (or underwater) stock options as repricing firms, and may choose to react in other ways.


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Many companies. at-the-money stock options, restricted stock, or cash.

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Stock option repricing and exchange programs should be. underwater stock options is unilaterally reduced by the.

Option Repricing, Version 2009. Options-for-stock, in which underwater options are cancelled in exchange for shares of restricted stock or restricted stock units.Bringing Underwater Stock Options Back to the Surface. repricing underwater stock options is no longer a viable alternative for most public companies.Gilson and Vetsuypens (1993) document that 25 out of 77 financially.Stock Option Exchange Programs - Issues to Consider. with an increasing number of underwater stock options. option plan expressly permits repricing.

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Proxy advisory firms and stock option. communication to employees that the firm is in the process of evaluating an underwater stock option repricing or.Underwater stock options do not provide their intended incentive and. companies may wish to consider repricing options to better reflect current share prices.May 2003 Vol. 32, No. 5 Page 55 You must be a CBA member to view this article.

As the stock market continues to founder, more companies -- especially tech firms -- are looking for ways to bring relief to workers whose compensation is.Many companies saw their stock price significantly decline in 2008.These underwater stock options might create multiple problems for. stock option exchange must generally.

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